It was another busy week in the 3B classroom! This week we read Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by: Carol McCloud. This wonderful little book is about the positive impact on both those around us, and ourselves, when we take a moment to be kind. The book made a quick impact on the class and we saw many examples of hugs, kind words and saying, “I love you.”, and sharing toys or extending invites to share in play activities. It is clear how much each of the children enjoy filling the buckets of their friends and teachers in 3B. We will continue to explore kindness (bucket fillers) in various ways moving forward, and to be on the lookout for bucket dipping. We are looking forward to seeing where the special attention to kindness and bucket filling lead us.


The focus on puzzles and strengthening building skills continued this week! The growth in the complexity of the structures in 3B has been very obvious lately. It continued this week, and we are happy to note that more and more of those in the class are being drawn to the act of constructing palaces, animal houses, and space structures than we have seen before. Building, designing, and configuring new and more dynamic ways to use the Magna-Tiles and blocks is evolving quickly, and it is very fun to watch.

Additionally, the fascination with putting together puzzles, both individually and through the utilization of teamwork, is still going strong in 3B. Two new, more complex puzzles arrived in the classroom this week and the class could not have been more eager to take on the challenge of putting them together. These were big puzzles that took much focus and diligence to complete. They were both put together multiple times throughout the week, often more than once in a single day. Sometimes there was frustration at the challenge at hand. However, that frustration was often worked through and followed by a great sense of accomplishment. What an exciting process to witness.


3B families, thank you for coming in to spend some time with the class and celebrate all the love and joy from your lives that finds its way into our classroom every day. The loving support, all the hugs and kisses, and all the silly games that make each family special were on display, and it is clear how wonderful and special each of our families are to all the friends in 3B. It is so nice to see how each of the children are so happy and excited when they have special grown-ups in the classroom to spend time with them, and all the rest of us. This is one reason we as teachers always enjoy having you in the classroom too. Your presence is always such a pleasure for all of us in 3B! Thank you again for such a great day on Friday, we all had such a nice morning with you.