It was a fun and busy week in 3B! We welcomed our new friend Joseph to the class. Welcome Joseph! Also, we welcomed Vivi back,  Elizabeth said on Monday, "I miss Vivi." We are all glad to have our 3B friends back together again!

Science projects have gained a lot of interest in our classroom of late, and we are very excited about this because there are so many great ones to explore. This week the class observed what happens with ice and salt and watercolor paints. This was fun and this was messy!

Coupling with the science experiments, there has been a lot of building and sorting with Magna-Tiles, exploring the world parquetry tiles (colored shape tiles), and putting puzzles together. More and more we are seeing the members of 3B initiating activities that stimulate their cognitive development. How fun!

3B is having so much fun in the dramatic play area lately. So often the friends are enjoying time playing family, superheroes ("Kind, friendly, gentle superheroes, right class?!"), or spending time "cooking" in the kitchen. There has been a significant rise in the amount time spent in this area lately. The class loves it! A special thanks to Kian and Elizabeth for bringing so many items to add to our dramatic play area this week. Thank you! We encourage all the 3B families to bring anything extra from home that they want to donate, so we can add even more imagination and diversity to our growing costumes and props collection. Thank you so much!