What a busy week in 3B! The days were full of science experiments, volcanoes, space, a trip to the library, and we are very happy to have been joined by our new friend Josephine, who already fits right in as though she has been with us the whole year. Josephine, welcome!

As many of you know already, volcanoes and space have virtually taken over the interests of 3B. This week we went on a field trip to the library to stock our bookshelves with titles regarding both volcanoes and space. The books have been well utilized since their arrival, and we are happy to announce that even more books will be coming from the library during the upcoming week.

Other ways 3B is taking the interest in these topics is by incorporating them into our morning messages. Each morning during circle time the 3B friends take turns practicing their letter recognition and letter tracing. Once all the letters have been traced, together we read the message which includes fun facts about volcanoes and space.  Another way we are taking these interests and incorporating them into our daily routine is by basing some science experiments around them. This week we made play-dough one day, and a couple days later, after much play-dough exploration, we used the play-dough to make volcanoes and then created lava and had the volcanoes erupt. Everybody had a great time.

We are looking forward to the many ways we can build on the interests in spacer and volcanoes going forward!