We all started this week with a great excitement!! Eveyone was very happy to see each other after the break and eager to share what they did for holidays with their family. 

Sam: "I went to Granny and Papi's house. My dad was driving. We took our car. I played with the dog. It's a friendly dog. We played basketball."

Valdi: "Do you have a dog?"

Sam: "It's a friendly dog. I went to Granny and Papi's house and I played with the dog."

                                                   Who is in your family?- math activity

Valdi: "Mommy, saddy, baby, my sister and me."

Teacher: "Can we count everyone?"

                                                 Our Rotten Pumpkin Science Project

As we came back from the break, the children relized that there is something happening to our pumpkin.

Teacher: "What do you think is happening to our pumpkin?"

Zara: "It's getting old (lloking at the mold)."

Luca: "It will get even older (possibly it will grow more mold?)"

Teacher: "And what do you think will happen when it gets even older?"

Valdi: "We have to throw it out."

Two days later: 

Kian: "Yuck!"

Teacher: "Why did you say yuck?"

Kian: "Look at the pumpkin!!!!!!"

Elizabeth: "I don't want to touch it."

Graydon: "But look Elizabeth, there are seeds inside!"

                                 Building community through dramatic play and fun games!