Today we continued on with our family show-and-tells in 3B. Again the joy was evident as the children shared more pictures and more love regarding the wonderful families from our classroom. Today we saw pictures and heard some stories about both Luca and Zara’s families.


Teacher- Luca, what is your favorite thing to do with your family?

Luca – Go to the beach!

Teacher – What makes your family special?

Luca – When they come to school (and drop me off).

Teacher – (pointing to a picture) Who is this?

Luca – That’s Mel.

Teacher – What’s your favorite thing to do with Mel?

Luca – Play with her.

Teacher – (pointing to another picture) And, who is this?

Luca – My cousin Katie.

Teacher – What is special about her?

Luca – She carries me and we play.


Then it was Zara’s turn to share her family with us.


Teacher – (showing Zara a photograph) Zara, who are these people?

Zara – My family.

Teacher – What’s so special about your family?

Zara – Because we play together.

Teacher – What can you tell me about this picture?

Zara – This is what Emil looks like. And this is mommy. This is dada, he has dark skin. This is Remi, he has new PJs.

Teacher – What makes your family special?

Zara – They read me books.

Teacher – Anything else?

Zara – They let me have dessert. And my brothers.


Once again, the children were all smiles today as they shared with us their wonderful, loving families. It is a common theme in our room how happy the little things make everybody who shares with us. Friends asked those sharing questions about their families again today too, such as, Vivi asking Luca why Katie carries him? To which he responded immediately, "Because she loves me." Or, when Kina asked Zara, "Why do you have a mama?" Her response: "That's a family." The curiosity and family questioning continues in 3B. Another thing that is so nice to see, is that such potentially simple things, as playing with and being carried by those we care about, can provide the great big feelings of love our class repeatedly shares with us.