Throughout this past week we have learned a lot about ways that children can represent their concept of family. Our beginning explorations into the idea of family started with conversations with the children with questions:

-       What is a family?

-       Who is in your family?

-       What makes your family very special?

With these questions a whole new world opened up. The children eagerly shared their ideas verbally, through drawings as well as through play.

Each and every child represents family very differently and furthermore, when family is described through different learning languages, such as drawing or story telling, the same child may give two very different insights about their own ideas.

As we continue engaging in conversations revolving family show and tell, we continue hearing how important and unique each family is.  The uniqueness makes each family special and the family tradition homework will show the children that. All of these activities support children’s growth in understanding differences and yet allows everyone to enrich their knowledge about the world around them. And feelings are inseparable part of all of it.

We look forward to learn about all the ways that children can represent their concept of family.


P.S We are beginning to work on Holidays gifts for the families so our blog (pictures) might be limited to minimum, as we would like to keep it as a secret:). We will update the blog regarding our family study as well as all the other fun activities that 3B might engage in.