Just tiny sneak peaks into our day as the children continue working on gifts for their families…

Today it was Kian and Elisabeth’s turn to talk about their family. They were both very excited to tell us all about their cousins and aunts and uncles.  Kian was eager to talk about his aunts and uncles (on the picture) and Elizabeth wanted to talk about their cousins. 


Elizabeth: This is Awry, Jake, me and Kian. Awry is 8 (year old) and Jake is 3! Kian and me we are 2,5 year old. We are all cousins. We play and play and play! I want to pass it to Zara (she passes the picture to Zara).


Kian: He goes one at the time and tells everyone’s’ name (uncles and aunties/ I just could not catch up with writing everyone’s names). “There is Nana and my cousin. She is one.”


Zara: “Why do you have a big family?”

Elizabeth: “Because…I don’t know… because we love each other so much (and she hugs Kian).

Vivi: “ Do you play a lot with your cousins?”

Elizabeth: “ We run, jump and we had bubble gum machine.”

Graydon: “Why is your family so big?”

Elizabeth: “Because we wanted.”