The family love continued in 3B today as Graydon excitedly shared photos of his family with the class. He was so excited and was all aglow as he spoke of his family.


Teacher - What is your favorite thing to do with your family?

Graydon - Give hugs and kisses.

Teacher - What makes your family very special?

Graydon - They make me very happy. By giving me hugs and kisses. My daddy is my best best friend! He loves me so much. My family does group hugs.

Teacher - (pointing to photo) Who is this?

Graydon - My mom. She loves me so much.

Teacher - (pointing to photo) Who is this?

Graydon - That's my sister Kennedy.

Once again, the love shared by the families in our class was overflowing today! Graydon was very excited to show the pictures of his family to the class, and the class enjoyed listening to Graydon as he shared, and also looking at all the pictures of them. It is clear how lucky our 3B class is to having such loving families around them.