As we delve more and more into the the family aspect of the identity unit, it is abundantly clear how much love our 3B class has for their families. Sam today, was all smiles and excitement when it came time to share his family pictures with the class. It was such a joy to see the way he lit up as he talked about his family. 

Teacher  - (holding up a photo) Who is that?

Sam - She came out of my mommy's belly.

Teacher - What's her name?

Sam - That's Luiza. 

Teacher - (holding up a different photo) And, who are these people? 

Sam - Grammy and Grampy! They have a doggie!

Teacher - What's your favorite thing to do with them? 

Sam - Make a silly noise. (at this, Sam makes a very funny noise for the class with a great big smile on his face.)

All the friends in 3B enjoyed looking at the pictures of Sam and his family. It is wonderful to see how interested everybody is in family. A number of the children even busied themselves drawing pictures of their own families today with a teacher.