In 3B we are in the beginning stages of discovering what family is, what family means to us, and what it means to be a family. Today Valdi shared with the class some of his thoughts about family. 

Teacher: Valdi, can you tell us what is special about your family?

Valdi: (looking at a picture of his family) This is mommy, my sister, Biani, me and my daddy.

Teacher: What do you do together?

Valdi: This is not my new home. Now we are at a different one and we play together. 

Luca: What do you play?

Valdi: We play with soft toys.

Graydon: Why do you have a brother and sister?

Valdi: I play with my sister. Biani is six, my daddy is forty, I am three, my sister is 5.

Teacher: What about mommy?

Valdi: I don't know how old she is.

Kian: Why do you have a daddy?

Valdi: My daddy goes to work a lot and is not at home.

Thanks for sharing Valdi!