Now 3B is all about Me, My Family and My Friends. As we are still providing multiple experiences for the children to develop, build, and maintain strong relationships (and will as long as needed), part of the identity project is also developing understanding of families.

A family theme provides the children with basic knowledge of how families work and how they are different. When children get the opportunity to participate in class discussions about families they gain knowledge on how unique each family is…

Who is in your family?


Valdi: “Daddy, Biani, Fiona, Mommy. That’s all my family.”

Kian what about your family?

Kian: “I have Mommy, Daddy, Elizabeth and me.”

Elizabeth: “What about me? My family has three people. Jake, Awry, Teaden, Kian, my Dad and my Mommy.” (forgive my spelling).

Zara: “I want to tell you now. I have Nanny (aunt), Zenabula (aunt- not sure about spelling), my Mommy, Daddy and brothers. I have two brothers Emil and Remy. I have a baby. I had it last year so I have a baby.”

Vivi: “James, Mommy, Daddy and Vivi. No more.”

Sam: “Mommy, Daddy and me.”

Vivi: “What about Louisa?”

Sam: “She is on the picture (point the door).

Vivi: “What about Louisa?”

Sam: “No, Mommy, Daddy and me.”

Vivi: “But you have a sister.”

Sam: “Yeah, I do.”

Luca: “Mommy, Daddy, Sienna and Luca. Oh, I have Katie my cousin.”

Vivi added: “Did you know that when I am big and I have a baby my Mommy and Daddy will be Nanna and Papa?”


We try to capture the essence of its importance and understanding. We hope that through meaningful interactions all together we will come up with some valuable information about our families.