Last but not least today was Vivi’s turn to talk about her family. Vivi brought a family album to share with us. She took her time and introduced everyone in the picture.

Vivi: “So look, this is my mommy and daddy and me as a baby. That is me and Jamesy. That is my little brother. My mom takes care of us. My daddy too but he went on a trip today so I am going to miss him.

This is me and my mommy, this my Nanny (grandma) and Papi, this is Abby. That is my uncle. I have lots of uncles. This is my uncle and we are eating ice cream. “

Next, Vivi introduced us to the last picture with her mom, Abby and her aunts. Vivi’s friends were very eager to ask questions. Vivi picked Zara to go first:

Teacher: “What is special about your family?”

Vivi: “When we play together and when we eat chocolate.”

Zara: “ Who is that baby?”

Vivi: “That is me!” (Vivi laughed out loud).

Luca: “Why do you have daddy?”

Vivi: “Because I have mommy and daddy and they take care of me and Jamesy.”

Valdi: “Why do you have a big family?”

Vivi: “ Because… they have to take care of me and Jamesy.”