As 3B’s conversation about family continues, today we started talking about family traditions and what “tradition” means. Graydon said, “Tradition means you show what you brought, like to school.” Luca said tradition is “like getting a Christmas tree!” As with the family photos, the children are very excited to share with us the traditions of their own families. Each of them have begun bringing in the traditions discussed with you at home, and we are very very excited to hear all about them! Thank you 3B families for taking the time to help us with this wonderful project. Today, Graydon was the first in our class to share a family tradition.

Teacher: Graydon, can you tell us about the tradition that you brought in to share?

Graydon: (pointing to a drawing he made) Every year after Thanksgiving we get a visit from the elf, Gussy. Gussy comes to see how I am doing and goes back to tell Santa if I am being bad or good. He hides and we find him every day.

Teacher: Where did you find Gussy today?

Graydon: He was behind some cookies my mom took out, and he ate some of my cookies! (Graydon laughs at this).

Teacher: What? Is Gussy a good elf or a bad elf? What can you tell us about Gussy?

Graydon: Gussy is a good elf. Gussy is super nice. He would never be mean.

Kian: Why does Gussy eat your cookies?

Graydon: Because he’s so silly.

Luca: That’s not nice.

Graydon: He’s being silly.

Luca: Why’s he so silly?

Graydon: Because my mom told me that.

Many of the children were concerned about Gussy eating their friend’s cookies. Eventually Graydon was able to convince most of them that Gussy is a good elf.

What a great tradition to share with the class! Thank you Graydon and family. We all had a wonderful time hearing the first of the 3B family traditions today, and we are all looking very forward to the rest of them as well!