It's been a short jam-packed month with class 1A. We were busy celebrating our love with our parents, our friends, and our community. Although this month was centered around Valentine's Day we used this opportunity to highlight "kind" moments. We have noticed that when we make a big deal out of a "kind" act the children have done, they want to repeat the same actions and continue to get praised for it.

A few examples we have witnessed:

If a child falls, then another child will come over and help them stand up. 

When a friend is feeling sad, a different friend will come over and sit by them or pat them on their back/head. 

When their special friend enters the classroom in the morning and gets hugs and kisses. 

Our babies may still be babies however, the way they are showing so much empathy and caring for one another is amazing to watch. 

Here are a few of our highlights.