This week the children worked on many sensory activities. The activity that really stood out this week that the children truly loved was adding shaving cream to our red bin and mixing it with red paint.  

In the classroom we have a child who is learning how to potty train. This has taken the class by storm! Sometimes a child will sit next to the potty-trainer and watch how it is done. Other times children will sit on the potty with toys or a doll (no worries, the potty is always fully sanitized after use). Because of the children's curiosity, we are naturally letting the children use it even if it's to sit on for a couple of minutes without any intent. It's a great pathway to becoming comfortable with the idea of using the potty once they show they're ready to use it. 

Peek-a-boo is still a huge interest in our classroom. This week we used our colorful tunnel in the gym to hide each other.

Here are extra peekaboo's!