This week the children were really interested in playing with all sorts of fabrics. They would use it to hide and play peekaboo, rub on their cheeks, or blow it from our fan (held by a teacher of course). 

We wanted to try something different this week and have morning meeting at the table. The children were not even phased by the change at all. They shook each other's hands and sang along to a couple of their favorite songs.

A new behavior that we loved seeing this week was each child finding ways to imitate one another. We have found them sticking out their tongues at each other, blowing bubbles with their mouth, or stretching upside down together. 

We also celebrated Sienna's birthday!!!! Happy (2nd) Birthday Sienna! Thank you Tina for reading to the children. They really enjoyed it, and we loved seeing their reactions watching someone else who isn't their teacher read to them.