Hi families,

My apologies for this late post. Here are last week's highlights:

Our robot and social-emotional curriculum expanding week after week. In addition to collecting recycled materials for robot parts, the children have started making robot heads in small groups with Alana using the paper mache method (not pictured). This will be a project that will take some time and collaboration from all. The children are quickly learning the words to our robot song introduced by Noelle. They very much enjoy singing the song with instruments, and most of all getting a turn playing the xylophone. On Thursday, they started the beginning stages of a book to go along with the robot song. They worked on illustrations to narrate the first few lines of the song. Expect an audio clip of the song coming soon! Please continue to send in recyyled matrials to be re-used for robot body parts next week!

Making lemon-scented play dough was another highlight of the week. I prepared a play dough recipe, showing instructions using words, pictures, numerals and measurements. The friends were able to clearly follow the recipe and add ingredients accordingly. After our class finished making their perfect batch of super soft and delicious-scented play dough, I sat with the 2's class so they could also make a batch. During this time, most of the 3's friends requested to bring their play dough to another table to continue playing. They stayed there for so long! An excellent opportunity for social skill development!


We also went for a walk around the neighborhood and to the playground this week. It's so nice to get some fresh air. We will be going out much more often!


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Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! See you Monday.