Park Day!

After a five day weekend, we were ecstatic to have such warm weather on Wednesday. It was the very perfect day to go to Horatio Park with friends!  


We worked on self-portraits for the month of February. Make sure to see your child's progression and attention to detail in drawing themselves u on our portrait wall!

Spanish and Yoga

Unfortunately, Michelle could not make it this week so she sent another teacher, Ernestina for a Spanish class on Thursday. We sang songs about the weather, our body parts, and foods that we like and dislike. Look for a 'Spanish Review' in this week's weekly reminders email. For yoga, Lakshmi brought in a model of a frog whose anatomical

Can you hear the beat? Robots have hearts, too.

We started singing a new robot song this week led by Ms. Noelle. The song incorporates our themes of kindness and robots, of course! 

Happy Birthday, Ms. Carla!

We celebrated my birthday at the end of the day with a dance party, cupcake treat, and lots of hugs and kisses! I felt so special-- thank you friends! 

Remember to check out our google drive account for more pictures!