Pete the cat has been one of our favorite books to read with the kids. Today while reading I love my white shoes the children all stepped in a color square that they represented to be the pile that Pete stepped in.


As the weather is getting colder the children noticed and we decided to make a painting out of shaving cream, cotton balls and dark colors to be a snowy night.


Friday Recap!

“You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread boy, I am, I am!”


We have been reading the story of the gingerbread boy and our class was curious what gingerbread tasted like. Today during cooking, we decorated ginger snaps to make our very own gingerbread boys! Then we ate them all up, of course.

Avery- Mine a ghost
Gabriel- Mine was a monster
Arya- Happy
Sebastain- its a good face
Noah - raisin face
Kai - Gingerbread !

To end our week we had yoga!