Hi everyone! Here's a rundown of our week so far!

We have continued incorporating aspects of nature into our curriculum. After our trip to the farm, all many of us could talk about were pumpkins and apples! Last week, we cooked with apples and painted with apples and pumpkins. This week, we continued using apples and pumpkins in unconventional ways. 

We walked to a neighborhood market on Tuesday in search for pumpkins! Arya and his family brought the class a few small pumpkins last week, which the children painted by squeezing different paint colors onto the stem of each pumpkin and watching them mix together.  They are currently displayed near the entrance of our school! We had some more ideas involving pumpkins, and so we brought back 2 bags filled with small and medium-sized pumpkins back to BMS. When we asked the children what we should do with them, an immediate response was that they were dirty! Once we returned to school, we filled the sensory table with water, soap, baby wipes, and (dirty) pumpkins! The children spent quite some time diligently scrubbing the pumpkins until they were spotless.  


We also used the light projector for the first time this year. The light projector can be so magical! The children are mesmerized by shadows and how they can manipulate their own shadows, even the shadows of their friends through movement. They explored with an array of materials over the light projector, like leaves, toy insects, sea creatures and vehicles. We will continue to investigate with light and shadow as the year progresses. 


Another activity involving apples was a science experience using apples, baking soda, and vinegar-- Apple Volcanos! We pre-cut the core out of a few apples so that each apple resembled a cup or bowl. Next, the children scooped spoonful's of baking soda inside of the apples. Then, they poured vinegar inside using clear test tubes. This activity encouraged the group to look at things in a different light. We can eat an apple or turn it turn into a volcano! Nature offers us with countless learning experiences. 

On Wednesday, we met Mimi, our new Spanish teacher. Children pick up language so easily during their early years. Through music and movement, hands-on materials, and plenty of repetition, a new language can be taught in anorganic and fun way. Mimi encouraged the children to learn new vocabulary in Spanish by incorporating topics that we are already interested in into her session. We discussed pumpkins and Halloween with songs and visual representations of Halloween-related characters. The Halloween song was the children's favorite! Mimi played us the Halloween song (in both Spanish and English) and held up the pictures of each character mentioned in the song. The children asked to hear it three times! I will make sure to ask for the audio of some of the songs Mimi used during her session so that we play them throughout the day and share them with you!

Some children also started working on their BMS Halloween costumes. The 3's class will all be Super Animals for Halloween. Each child will paint a hooded sweater (provided by us). Once they are painted, details can be added with your help. We will focus on the first step of the all costumes this week (painting) and have them ready for detailing by Friday. Let us know when you can stop by to work on your child's costume! We can also sent home materials to work on over the weekend and next week :)

Kai: Super Frog

Sebastian: Super Tiger

Noah: Super Monkey

Arya: Super Tiger

Avery: Super Cat

Gabriel: Super Cheetah


We plan on continuing costumes tomorrow morning and then heading to the playground! Have a great afternoon!