Wednesday was our much-anticipated field trip to the farm! Upon arrival, we were treated to warm doughnuts and a cup of apple cider each. We had a great time learning about apple trees, pumpkins, pumpkin flowers, and the cousin of pumpkins- squash! We went on a hayride together, walked through the pumpkin patch and picked out a pumpkin to bring home. Next, we picked apples! The friends made sure to carefully twist the apples from the branches and each counted 3 to fill their bags. Lastly, we enjoyed lunch together before heading back on the school bus. I made sure to bring back extra apples, gourds and apple cider back to school with us to share with the rest of the friends who didn't make it to the trip.

On Thursday, we welcomed Evan back to BMS! Evan, our Music teacher, was so glad to see familiar faces and meet some new friends! Evan is a master story-teller! And the best part is that he incorporates the children's ideas into every story, making them active participants of each session. 

We also had our first taste test of the year! We used some of the apples that we collected at the farm for a fun (and delicious) taste test. Each child was given apple slices and dipping choices. They tried apples dipped in caramel, sun butter, organic sugar and lemon juice.  "My favorite is cream cheese!" -Arya

Friday was another yoga day with Lakshmi and our first cooking day with one of our parents!

Arya's mom and grandmother, helped us make apple sauce! The children mashed apples in a bowl and sprinkled cinnamon and brown sugar before mixing it all together. Then. they tried it with a scoop of ice cream--yum! We also enjoyed a cold cup of apple cider that we brought back from the farm--cheers!

In addition, to Arya's family stopping by for a cooking session, Sebastian's mother and father joined us for morning play time. They read us some new Halloween-related stories during circle time and snack time! We love having guest readers--let me know when you would like to read to the class!