Hi families! Apologies for the lateness of this blog. I was ill this weekend and Friday and was unable to finish the blog until today. Hope you all are staying well during this flu/cold season! 

Monday turned into "Mixed Media Monday!" We used paint with brushes, paint with trains, markers, and watercolors. The friends were very creative and enjoyed making different art projects. We also had karate and learned about how robots dance... by doing the Robot! With techno music playing in the background, the children got a chance to dance like robots, using sharp movements. It was a challenge for our twos to slow down and isolate one body part at a time. Their efforts are on Instagram in video form, so be sure to check that out! If you play some techno at home and goof around with your children by doing the robot, you might be amazed by the creativity that they can show with their bodies. 

On Tuesday, we made slime! The friends mixed it together and then explored all the different ways that they could make it move. We also used a black light to look at neon colored paints, exploring how the colors looked different under the light. We repeated our super cool techno robot dancing, then had a chance to get out some wiggles by having a big dance party. 

On Wednesday, we spent quite a bit of time exploring the different ways that clay felt. Some of our clay was very hard, so we put water on it to make it soft. The twos were very good helpers; by the end of the day, all of the clay was soft and is ready for next week! The friends also washed some baby dolls, worked on their robot alphabet, and sang lots of songs together on Wednesday. 

Two things in particular captured everyone's attention on Thursday; music and the sandbox. Even before Evan came, the friends were excited to sing "Old MacDonald" in the magnitile area. They sang and sang to each different plastic animal that they could find. Then Evan came to do music. A favorite during music with Evan is pretending to be asleep then waking up while singing a silly song. After music, everyone was drawn to the sandbox and practiced filling up water bottles with sand. 

What do robots eat? Apparently, they eat PASTA! We made pasta sauce and pasta on Friday, then ate family style all together. Before we ate, we worked up a big appetite during yoga. We did Acroyoga this week and the friends had fun exploring what it felt like to be up in the air (with the help of Lakshmi, our yoga teacher of course). 

Hope that you all had a great weekend!