Before we jump right into the recap of the week, I would like to take a second to introduce Thomas! He is new to our Buckle My Shoe community, having just moved here from St. John. We were so happy that he could join us for a great first week and can't wait to play with him some more. Be sure to say hello to Thomas and his mom and dad (Jessica and Michael) when you see them. Welcome! 

Monday we had a busy day and the everyone was excited about our Halloween parade the next day. We gutted a big pumpkin, danced around, banged on a drum as loudly as we could, and squeezed balloons filled with different materials. 

Tuesday we had our Halloween Parade! Check out last week's blog post for costume details and pictures. Remember, even more pictures are on the flickr account, so be sure to check there. 

Wednesday we had Spanish with Mimi. Our class loved using the parachute while singing and dancing. We spent a lot of time exploring different centers, with children focused on exploring different elements in the school. Using the water table with submergible lights and the projector, we explored how light can look different when color is added! 

Thursday I was out of town for a conference, but Noelle, Carla, and Deborah had a blast exploring shaving cream and celophane with the 2's. We also got a new book, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, a new favorite book that is helping the children learn how to count. We were so happy that Thomas's mom, Jessica, read the book to us during snack time! 

Friday we had yoga with Lakshmi and also created beautiful mini canvases with paint and a q-tip. They are hanging up on the wall of the sensory room, come check them out! The week ended with everyone playing together happily. 

Enjoy the day off from school tomorrow! See you Wednesday. 

-Miss Alana