This morning was a very successful Curriculum Breakfast. We were so happy to see so many of you. In the coming weeks, we look forward to expanding upon Identity by now focusing on family.

Monday we did music and movement with Miss Alana. This week we joined forces with the 3’s class and had a big party, complete with beanbag games and dancing. The game that we played was a way to work on the children’s impulse control and listening skills, something that we are always working on! We were busy at work on our Halloween costumes, with several more friends finishing the painting aspect of their costumes.

We spent a lot of time on Tuesday making oobleck and pouring it from one container to another. Continuing to work on our Halloween costumes took up a lot of time. Also, we had a dance party to Moana songs, which got everyone up and moving and excited. Lots of smiles all around! The art project that we worked on was letting children draw half of their face with the other half as a printed out picture. The results are hanging up all around the school. 

Wednesday we had Spanish with Mimi again. The children were especially excited about getting stickers after learning to say pumpkin in Spanish. Calavasa! It was a fun session focused on Halloween and feelings, two topics that we are talking about daily.

Thursday we had more music and movement with Miss Alana. This time, it was a giant Halloween themed dance party. We also explored different instruments while dancing around the entire room. Movement and music exploration is just as important for development as the more structured games that we played on Monday. Also, we had a very exciting impromptu visit from some firefighters, who were checking out safety codes across the street with the construction. One of the firefighters came and gave high fives to any friends who wanted them! During the afternoon, we had a playdate with some future potential friends who might go to BMS. It was great to learn and share with new friends.

Friday was our fantastic curriculum breakfast, presentation of the social stories, and art project. The social stories that you helped your children paint are drying at school over the weekend, then they will be safely tucked away into cubbies to be used at school throughout the weeks ahead. Please read them at home too! 

Happy Halloweekend! We can't wait to see you all again for the parade on Tuesday. 

-Miss Alana