Hi families! I apologize that last week’s recap blog is a bit late. Hope you enjoy!

Monday we did music and movement with Miss Alana. The twos were excited to be in the larger room. We worked on impulse control with freeze dance. For a two year old, controlling impulses is quite tricky! Practicing it in a fun way through dance can carry over to other aspects of life, helping the children master the concept. We also did a lot of painting. 

On Tuesday, we went on a walk in the brisk October weather. All clad in our coats and Buckle My Shoe t-shirts, we went to the market to buy some pumpkins! Celebrating the autumnal season, we will be doing several projects with pumpkins over the next few weeks. After our walk, we came back to give the pumpkins a good scrub in our sensory bin. Now they are ready to be used in all sorts of projects!

Wednesday got off to a busy and happy start as we met with our Spanish language specialist, Mimi. The children learned some songs and also how to say goodbye and hello- Hola and Adios! We also did a science experiment for Science Wednesday. Using apples picked last week at the apple orchard, we made tiny apple volcanoes, complete with red lava!

Thursday we had a fun morning, reading several Halloween books to prepare for the upcoming holiday. Then, we put on our Buckle My Shoe tee shirts and headed to the park. The weather was beautiful and we very much enjoyed running, jumping, climbing, and rolling around at the park. The class did so well walking on the rope all the way to the park and back.

Friday was Jack’s second birthday! Happy Birthday Jack! Cara, Jack’s mom came to read some stories and to eat yummy cupcakes with us. We also had yoga with Lakshmi. Everyone was excited to move our bodies and learn about new animal (yoga) poses like downward facing dog and cat/ cow. Aidan’s mom, Delphine, came to help us make some oatmeal, which we cooked together then ate with our lunches.

-Miss Alana