Happy Thursday! 

This week we focused on finding ways to raise money for children impacted by the Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas. The children were involved in every step of our efforts and even developed new ways to show support and love. 

Remember to check the daily reflections by the classroom entrance for details every day! 

Thanks so much to all the families who helped make the lemonade and bake sale a success! 

"We can dry them (toys) off" -James

"We can get them new toys" -Sophia & James 

"We have to draw a picture for them" -Cooper

"And have a bake sale" -Caleb

"We can make a sign" -Luke M. 

"And sing a song" -Luke K. 



On Monday we introduced our school-wide project of providing charitable funds to children and schools impacted by the hurricanes. The children had amazing ideas of how to help and worked on their empathy skills by understanding how storms look and feel. 


After coming up with the idea to have a bake sale Pre-K was hard at work preparing menus, ingredient lists, and practicing mixing lemonade ingredients.  


Bake sale day! The children were so excited to make lemonade and sell it in front of school. Some of them even remembered to tell our customers where the money will go. 

"It's for the kids school in Texas and Puerto Rico" -Cian

"The money is for the people who are poor" -Sophia L. 

"It's for the toys that got wet" -Asha

We also conducted a lemon juice tasting to test our hypothesis: "We use just lemons to make lemonade"  


We continued our lemonade sale today! Our donations reached into the high 200s today!