Happy Thursday! 

This week has been full of new experiences and visits from old friends as we started specialists. We have also focused on our eyes as an introduction to understanding ourselves. The children love creating and expressing through the mediums of art, dress up, call and response and movement. 

Specialists schedule: 

Tuesday- Spanish 

Wednesday- Cooking with Diane and Super Soccer Starz

Thursday- Music with Evan 


Who are you? What's the best part of you? On Monday we explored eyes our selves and how we play together. We also read the book "How full is your bucket" and discussed how people can impact each other's feelings.


"My best part is my handsbecause it's so awesome, they do cool things" -Grant

"My fingers are the best, they can paint and open things" -Cian 

"My best part is that I play drums with my hands and eyes" -Aayush

Spanish with Michelle and Mimi


Creating our own bugs! Many of the children started relating themselves to their bugs. Some friends also took some time to decorate the classroom with their art work. Wednesday was our first day of super soccer starz! Diane came to share some fall flavors with us in preparation for making apple pie. 


Today we had our first session of music with Evan! Pre-K was so happy to have Evan back with us. We also spent our morning exploring our reflections and revisited our bug creations.