The infant-B students started the week off with footprint art and baking cookies for charity!

To support those affected by Hurricane Harvey, the students made individual art pieces and baked oatmeal cookies. We invited parents to come in and donate in exchange for these beautiful and tasty goodies. 

All donations will be sent to the HISD Foundation.

Thank you, parents, for your support and generosity!

In connection with our school-wide intent: Identity and Self

We thought it would be engaging and exciting if the children painted on top of mirrors since they have been fascinated with exploring their refections. What will happen when they cover up their reflection with paint? 

The students crawled on top of the large mirrors to squish the bright puddles of paint- discovering their reflections in the pockets between the paint.

It was lovely to see the students observing  their own movements and seeing their friend’s reflection in action. We will definitely repeat this activity in the future and add other materials to the mix to see what is similar and different about the experiences. 

How wonderful! More students are showing interest in the mirrors, exploring the doll’s face (eyes and mouth) and investigating the classroom pictures!

How else can we incorporate the student's interest in observing their bodies and movements with mirrors? Perhaps we can try some shadow play?

Today the infant-b students explored mirror paper on their classroom floor and then enjoyed water play with mirrors!

Mirror Paper:

The students enjoyed the mirror paper- discovering their beautiful faces in the shiny squares, as they maneuvered their bodies around the room. The best part is when they saw that they could detach the mirrors from the floor, and hold them in their little hands. 

Water Play with Mirrors:

Splash, Splash, splash!

The students had a blast exploring the warm water in the sensory bin- the mirrors under the water was a bonus!

As the children slammed their hands into the water, they were able to see their reflections! Some of the children pressed their hands into the water to rest their hand onto the shiny mirrors and others chose to climb into the sensory bin- both hands on the mirror, observing their face through the water, into the mirror. 

Amazing job, guys!

Have a wonderful long weekend, and we'll see you on Monday.