Busy Explorers! 


This week the Infant-B students enjoyed their gym time- exercising their bodies and working on coordination, as they climbed up and down on mats and crawled through tunnels. Bravo, guys!



For our first outing, the infant-B class took a short walk around the neighborhood!

They absolutely loved it!

The infants enjoyed riding inside the buggies next to their friends- enjoying the fresh air and looking all around.

As we walked, the students had huge smiles on their faces as their teachers sang “If Your Happy and You Know It”, “We're Going to Kentucky” and more favorites.


We thought it would be interesting if we let the students freely explore paint, using their whole body! How is their approach different when they can use their legs and feet, too? Compounded with the freedom to move their bodies, we also introduced some classical music. As we listened to a selection of fast tempo classical compositions playing from the music box, we noticed that some children slowly approached the paint provocation and others chose to leap directly onto the wet puddles of bright paint.

It was lovely to watch the students having so much fun, manipulating the paint with their hands, legs and feet- splashing and smearing the paint across the white paper canvas. Beautiful job, Guys! We'll continue to explore the interaction between classical music and painting throughout the school year. 


Model magic and clay are excellent ways to improve dexterity and strengthen large and fine motor skills with children!

Encouraging the students to poke, bend, tear and squeeze the soft medium, the children were fascinated with how their actions affected the soft, flexible material.

Each time they acted upon the clay, the clay adjusted and responded.  These changes mean very little to us as adults, but for an infant, these changes in the clay are magical. It is cause and effect in motion. 

The students were naturally fascinated, motivated, and empowered to keep experimenting.

Wonderful job!


Idenity and Self (Fousing on the Child)

Continuing our research on identity and self, it was a pleasant surprise to see the children becoming fascinated with their reflections in the mirrors and their curiosity of the dolls faces in the classroom- using their pointers to explore the face of the doll. The focus seemed to be on the baby doll's eyes and especially its mouth.

"That is the baby's mouth, Kika", 

"Where is Kika's mouth?"

We will continue to encourage the students to notice the different parts of their body ( mouth, nose, eyes etc.) with music, books and other stimulating activities. 

What new developments will happen next?!

Can't wait to find out!!