Exploring leaves and clay for the first time!

Exploring Leaves:

The children were very focused as they closely examined this mesmerizing piece of nature- gently maneuvering the colorful, delicate leaves in their hands. Bravo!

Exploring Clay: Clay is a wonderful way to promote the awareness of "cause and effect", with young learners.

When the students were presented with a chunk of brown clay, it instinctively motivated them to explore- the soft and responsive sensory qualities of the unfamiliar material was inviting!

The student pulled, poked and squeezed the clay- each time, the clay, responding to their actions.  

When children begin to notice a change in the clay, they are learning that their actions have consequences.  This is empowerment. It encourages more experimentation. The child’s brain is taking shape along with the clay!


In connection with our Curriculum: "Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child"

Independence: Leo has been practicing with his spoon during lunch time and is so proud as he feeds himself. Leo showed his big beautiful smile, each time he dipped his spoon in his food and back into his mouth. 

Excellent job, Leo!

Have a wonderful weekend, Infant-B families!