The students started out the week by exploring apples and glue!



Last week the students went apple picking and brought one red, yellow and green apple. The students explored the apples on the light table- rolling them like balls, across the illuminated light.

After investigating the apples, we will be making applesauce on Thursday! Yummy!

Which favor apple will the students like the most? Red? Yellow? or Green?

Exploring Glue:

The students enjoyed exploring the sticky, gooey texture of the glue on their hands- especially experiencing how slippery the material was, as they tried grasping their teachers fingers. 

The students will be using this material in the future with up coming art activities. We were excited to see how much the children enjoyed the texture.

Continuing our exploration of apples, the infant students explored slices of dried apples and oranges, over the soft glow of the light

The students maneuvered the sweetly scented fruit in their hands- experiencing its rough, flexible texture. The children bent the apples with their fingers and mouthed the familiar material.

Pumpkin Picking:

The students picked the best pumpkins for their classroom- orange and white pumpkins! 

After the children are done exploring their pumpkins, we will paint them :)  

See you all tomorrow!