This week on Tuesday, we painted on the light table. It had paints, glue and sand. It was Una’s first time painting. Both of them seemed to have enjoyed it.

One of the reasons I chose the light table was because it has 2 mirrors around it so children could look at themselves while doing the activity.

Guess what?  They actually looked at themselves in the mirror.

Nathaniel would look at himself and the minute I would see him he would smile at me in the mirror.

Una kept looking at the mirror for the longest! In fact, she was amazed to see herself in the mirror than the activity.

Both of them have started recognizing themselves and Una has started responding to her name too.

It is really cute and funny to see how Nathaniel will look at himself in the mirror and smile and try and look at me through it.

I have been making a conscious effort to try and do most of the things possible in front of the mirror or close to where the mirrors are so that children are more aware.

It cracks me up when Nathaniel looks at his family picture and can't stop smiling and blushing. Haven't got a chance to capture it because he stops smiling when I go to click a picture.

Yesteerday we went outside on a walk and the weather was really good.We went to the Washington market park; it was Una’s first time going to the park with us. On our way to the park, both of them were gazing at the beauty around and at the same time taking care of each other.

As we can see in the picture, they were both making sure that they are alright. They are definitely building a community and being aware of each other’s surrounding.

It is just beautiful to see how they have started recognizing each other and how they are bonding in their own little way.

Yay we are attacking the socio-emotional domain.

Today we joined the toddlers for a walk to the park. It was fun.