This year our school is going to focus on how the child forms a sense of self identity and gains understanding of the world around them. Our class will be focusing on the same in an age appropriate manner. We will be focusing more on developing a sense of self by doing more  mirror activities and placing them in front of the mirror. This will encourage facial recognition, we can see their expressions, and understand the basics of social emotional regulation. There are quite a few mirrors around our classroom just to this beginning formation of sense of self. Generally, around this age babies tend to learn about who they are by touching their own face, body and by grabbing or kicking things. And through this, they gain a better understanding of the world around and start to enjoy the influence of their actions on the world.

Music is one way we can promote sense of self. Music is very powerful and has meaning that goes beyond words. Music is not only beneficial to give and receive love but also supports the formation of important brain connections that are being established in the early years of life.  A few rhymes like: peek-a-boo or the hello song makes them get used to their name and who they are.

According to the psychologist Erik Erikson, he developed a few stages of development depending on different age groups, trust vs mistrust applies to infants and children who are up to one year old. Their self-concept is determined by how well they can trust that their needs are met. What also helps is holding their hand or when they hold your fingers or hands.

Greeting them and speaking their name constantly also helps a lot because they start responding to it.