Hello Families, I hope you'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

Monday- We took advantage of the good weather and went outside to the park. It was beautiful. Also it was Una's first day eating solids at school and she loves her solids. She likes to hold her own spoon while eating. We have been going to the gym too as much as we can so more social time and they can look and move around.

Tuesday- We have been doing our morning meetings together with the Infant-B room and it has been fun. Those kids have started to clap, stomp their feet, and our kids are also in the process of learning how to clap. Nathaniel tried to take a few steps with the walker and he succeeded. He took about 2-3 steps.  They spent the second half of the day in the infant-b room as I had training.

Wednesday- We again went outside and it was really nice. Could not go all the way to the park but went a couple times around the block. We had Antoine who has been coming for play dates. ( Starting with us in Jan 2018). So we did painting with him. Nathaniel enjoyed it but Antoine did not. Nathaniel and Una aare both so welcoming to new people and children. Everytime we have some other children visiting us, they respond to them, and do not show any discomfort.

Thursday- Just to brief you all up. Our second part of the curriculum for this year is Family. Our first one was self identity. So what I am doing with them is face recognition of themselves first and later recognizing their family pictures. I tried both the phases today and the outcome was not bad. Nathaniel and Una both recognized themselves first and were more keen on looking at themselves rather than their mommy and daddy. We are going to try this again tomorrow.

Off lately, I have noticed that Nathaniel loves to look underneath the rugs so I thought hiding pictures underneath that would be a good idea as he would be surprised when he lifted the rug and saw his mommy, daddy and Una there. He lifted the rug today but did not show any reaction at first. Later he went back to it, touched his mommy and daddy's picture then crawled away. When I was not noticing, he lifted another side of the rug where there was nothing. He lifted with the hope he would find something there. 

Una looked at her and her mother's picture and touched it. Later when she saw her picture, she smiled at it and put her head down on it.

Apologies for so many pictures.

Also, you all will receive an email from our parent-teachers from  the infant-b room regarding the Christmas party on December 14th,2017.

Enjoy looking at the pictures :)