This was a short week with Thursday being an off.

On Monday, we explored water with green color in it, created a dirty effect and spoke a little to Nathaniel about it. I told him that water is crystal clear and showed it to him before adding color and then told him when the water gets mixed with dirt, it turns into something like this. When I was talking to him, he kept staring at me.

On Tuesday, we did a lot of open exploration and then Nathaniel was trying his hand with sequencing and sorting. At first, he was excited to look at the cupcake container, but later got distracted with the different colored balls. He did make an effort though. Ua is also forming a very good grip of holding objects and can explore them very well as she can hold them well. 

On Wednesday, we made play dough with the Infant-B room and everyone was very focused when I was making the play dough. They all got to touch the flour and then the final product.

On Friday, Nathaniel tried to explore the funnel and putting the sand through it. He tried. And then got distracted playing with white sand.

Una rolled in her crib today :d

Have a wonderful weekend.