This week we did focus on self-identity but focused more on becoming independent and working on our bond with one another.

Una- On Monday, Una made an attempt to hold her own bottle and now she has started holding her bottle with both her hands if a little support is given. As she is gradually forming a tight grip, she is capable of holding lightweight objects with both her hands and if I put a shaker on her tummy, she tries to reach for it and hold it with both her hands. 

Nathaniel- We are working on pushing ourselves forward to reach for objects. He tries really hard to reach for objects and to push himself forward. 

Nathaniel is also too focused and intentional about everything he does. today during morning meeting, he was trying to make a sound by tapping a shaker bottle on the drum. Even when we went to the park two days back, he observed the autumn leaf and then tore it. He knew this was possible because we already had explored autumn leaves in our room and he had done that.

Both the children are extremely social, they smile at everyone who comes to our room or passes by. Yesterday when Ms. Linda came to our room, both of them were so happy, kept smiling and looked like Nathaniel was trying to talk.

They are bonding with each other and are aware of each others presence in the room. 

Because there is an intentional approach of doing most of the activities in front of the mirror, both of them have started developing a sense of self and every time Nathaniel looks at himself in the mirror, he smiles.  And Una, once she starts looking at herself in the mirror she wont take her eyes off that mirror. She will continuously look at herself.

We have been collaborating a lot of activities with the Infant B room so that all of them can socialize with one another and Nathaniel can slowly start to get used to his next classroom:(:) (I am not ready to let him go :( )

We have been going outside together, today we had music session together, did body painting together.

And have a lot of fun activities planned together for the future.