On Monday we again explored mirror card with glue and white sand. Nathaniel was interested in the activity but was more interested in looking at himself and trying to rip off the sheet. That is his new interest :). We have been exploring quite a few corners of our room and both of them are really familiar with their classroom.

On Tuesday, we went over to the Infant-B room and explored clay together. Both of them did not seem interested in exploring clay. Must be the stickiness or because they were seeing it for the first time at school. We are going to try exploring it again.

On Wednesday, we had a special guest who visited us- Ms. Corine's son and he loves babies. They all had a wonderful time together. We also took advantage of the good weather and went outside to the park. 

On Thursday, we explored temper paint+ activity paint at school for the first time.We painted autumn leaf with cling wrap. Una enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror and patting on the leaf. Nathaniel was more keen on looking at himself and playing with the magna tiles rather than the activity.