Today was a fun day. We started our day in the Infant-B room and had our morning meeting there. We sang a lot of songs and greeted good morning to each other, read a couple of books too. Both of them love it there. We try and collaborate often so our friends have more friends and become more social. It is beautiful to see how the older infants try to touch Nathaniel's and Una's nose or eyes because that is what they are exploring. Don't worry their touches are gentle.

We even went outside today to the park. What a beautiful day! I try to take them outside at least twice but it doesn't always happen because of their different nap timings.

Una did her gel painting activity on the light table and she liked it. She focused more on the activity than the mirror.

Nathaniel explored finger paints in a ziploc bag and he loved tapping because it was making a sound and he loved to rip it off from the table. 

Both of our friends ate with the Infant-B group today and the teachers of Infant-B said Nathaniel and Una have been awesome in that room without any of us. ( you all and me)

Nathaniel is already transitioning so well. Makes me sad:(