This week we explored quite a few things. We started off by pumpkin painting on Monday with paint, food color and cream of tartar. Both of them seemed to have enjoyed it because they did not get bored soon. It was our first time using food color and cream of tartar. It was a great experience. The pumpkins have come out beautiful :) I put the pumpkin on a mirror card so that they could look at themselves while doing the activity.

On Tuesday, accidentally all 3 of us were color coordinated:) That was a good start to the day and Nathaniel also explored paint, glue and white sand on foil paper. At first he wasn't sure if he liked the feel of the glue but later he did not want to leave the activity. 

On Wednesday, we explored autumn leaves on the light table with blue paper on it. Nathaniel was having a good time. He wanted to sit on the light table and after he sat, he patted on every leaf and explored it.

Thursday- Nathaniel explored gel with white and green paint and he did not like how it felt. He was done with the activity in less than 5 minutes. We will try it again.

We are still obsessed with the mirror and dont miss a chance to look at ourselves in it.  

Early post because I have to leave early today.