This week, we explored different kinds of fruits and painted.

On Tuesday, we explored three different kinds of apples during which Nathaniel was more interested in tasting it rather than seeing it and Una was more focused on looking at herself in the mirror.

On Wednesday, we went outside with the Infant-B room and went pumpkin picking. We looked at two different sizes of pumpkins and spoke about 2 different colors of pumpkins and later went to the park where we sang a few songs and read "Dear Zoo". 

On Thursday, we explored dried oranges on the light table and they looked beautiful. Nathaniel again wanted to taste it, maybe he got tempted by the smell of it. And Una touched one and then started looking at herself in the mirror.

Nathaniel also painted on the light table with magna tiles. He was having a lot of fun gliding the magna tile from one side to the other because he could see the colors spread.

We also looked at the paint through the magna tiles on the light table.