We have quite a few interests emerging in the classroom.  We have noticed that many of the children are playing some sort of transportation game that takes them to a restaurant.  At first we thought it was an interest in games, but after more observations, we noticed it is about food/cooking.  Look out for our weekly email to see how we can use your help!

Another project we are going to start is about emotions.  The children want to be in control, but are having a difficult time getting their thoughts or ideas across in a kind way.  In order to help them use their words, we have been talking about how they are feeling, in the moment it is happening.  We would like to start our morning meetings discussing how we are feeling the the day.  We are hoping to get more insight into how they are feeling throughout the day.

Lastly there is the family aspect of our identity project.  Since talking about what they know about families and who is in their family, they have been bringing up families in random moments throughout the day.  What we are looking to learn is how the children view their role in their families.  We will be tying this into our cooking project (more details to come as we continue our discussions with the children to see what they come up with...we have an idea of the children understanding that they contribute to their families in many ways, one of those ways being cooking).