On Monday the children explored modeling clay, paper with tape and scissors, and oobleck with unifix cubes.  They also painted with liquid watercolor paint on watercolor paper and tape.  We learned a little about Sinterklass, and Charlie passed out some treats to celebrate.  Thank you Charlie!  Some friends helped work on our December calendar by creating the lines and tracing the letters and numbers.  Alexander and Dylan had a little drumming session while listening to African tribal music.

On Tuesday we started off our day with a discussion about cooking.  Everyone said they help cook at home.  We are hoping to tie in their love of cooking into our family unit of identity.  During morning free play the children built with unifix cubes and worked on creating patterns.  After gym we had Spanish.  After Spanish we went on a Bear Hunt.  During quiet table activites the children explored clay at one table, and beading at another. 

On Wednesday we played the Sticker Game.  A person gets a sticker put on their forehead, while their peers gives them clues about the sticker.  For example, some of the clues the children gave were "It has whiskers," "It has a face," "It has eyes," "It goes meow." Afterward, the children had the option to paint with white paint on black paper, or to work on puzzles.  Some children chose the kitchen area where they were driving to a restaurant.  After free choice, we had soccer with Coach JoJo, followed by cooking with Diane.  Today we made english muffin pizzas and ate them after lunch. 

On Thursday we combined with 3B.  During morning meeting, we discussed rules for the park because we were heading there for the morning!  The children had a wonderful time and played very well with each other.

On Friday we introduced the children to a new toy in our classroom.  It is a set of transportation toys that can be taken apart and drilled back together.  They were so excited to try it out.  Before putting it out in the classroom, the children all took turns working on putting the truck together.  This is a great way for them to get into tinkering!  We also made snow dough with Giselle, the intern.  The children enjoyed adding more lotion to the cornstarch to change its consistency.  Lastly, we started working on self-portraits.

Sorry there are no pictures, I forgot the SD card at work.  They will be uploaded Monday afternoon.