This week went by so quickly! A new friend joined our class and his name is Rowan. This week, we made new art projects, played with new toys, played new games, and did a new group activity - no wonder why the time passed so fast! 

Multimodal Art:

-Tissue paper and glue on paper - what first was flat and 2 dimensional quickly became creative and 3D by scrunching up the tissue papers. We even layered colors and chose color themes. 

-Making and preparing Valentines - we used foam heart, googly eyes, makers, pipe cleaner arms and legs, and special messages to make very special valentines for friends, family, and even our teachers. We can't wait to show you!

-Using clay and letter stamps we made name plaques helping us learn and spell our names.  

-Painting and preparing our 2B firetruck that we will use for pretend play and our community building curriculum project

New Toys

-We borrowed Pre-K's nail block and hammers to use as a fun and challenging morning activity. It required so much focus! 

-We used foam puzzle pieces to create all kinds of imaginative things during morning activities.

-Friends brought toys from home to play with and share with friends. We practiced communicating, sharing, trading, and saying no in friendly ways.

New Games

- We tried out a new guessing game of hot and cold to discover who's silhouette was who's. Our friends were surprisingly very good at this abstract game so we will play it in the future. 

- We played a following directions dice game that made us do silly and fun things in the group in front of our friends. 

New Group Activity

-We started show and tell! It is helping us so much with public speaking, turn taking, and asking question and providing answers

What a great week!