The 2B class loves playing firefighters. This has been an ongoing theme since the beginning of the school year last semester and has developed over time into more complex play and themes. This week, we cut up old light ropes into individual fire hoses so more friends could join in the fun. Because we only have a couple fire hats, the 2B class has learned and practiced turn taking and trading toys and objects to get what they want. In addition, Jude borrowed a fire fighting book from Pre-K that has a bilingual story in English and Spanish to help us practice and learn more words. The 2B class loves to put out fires with the fire hoses. We usually pretend there is a fire in different areas of the room so everyone can help, and this week, we had a tissue paper fire with a block building to keep the play focused and grounded in one area of the room. For the future and coinciding with our school wide intent and curriculum, we are happy to bring our focus from self and family to community and world. We will continue to incorporate everyone's love of firefighting in the mix with a visit to our neighborhood fire station in March and making a fire engine in the class using big boxes (if you have some, please bring them) and art supplies. We are looking forward to see how these new additions enrich one of our favorite play themes!