Today, Sloane was really excited to tell us that she’s moving soon. “I have my own room! I will use the same bed. You're not moving! Alfie is moving, too," Sloane said excitedly. We decided to use play to help Sloane describe her thoughts and process her feelings. This has been very common for George and Alisha too, when they choose to play with the babies themselves because they have new siblings who have arrived and who are on the way. Using play for life transitions also helps model behaviors for when the actual event occurs. "Shhhhh! The baby is sleeping, Hillary. You have to be quiet." Alisha likes to say. 


During centers, Debbie helped Sloane design her new room with her bed and her mommy and daddy and friends. Sloane felt very happy to think about how her new room will look. "This is me sleeping and mommy and daddy," she said. "Who are these other people?" asked Debbie. "They are my friends!" exclaimed Sloane. Soon, Grady, Oliver, and Alisha wanted to build and design their own rooms, too. Creative thinking comes easily to the 2B class and they enjoy applying ideas in play to their daily lives just as their daily lives dictate their ideas for play. Amazing!