This week, we are finding group cohesion and becoming more confident, socially and independently. Our focus is becoming stronger and our transitions are getting easier.

The video and photos below are a good representation of where we are in our development. Each of us this week has been engaged. Self-soothing play, individual fascination in a toy or art activity, talking to a teacher, parallel play, group songs, morning meeting, story time, snack and lunch time, and time with specialists have presented opportunities for us to express ourselves - creatively, emotionally, and cognitively. For example, we have our construction worker - or "digger" - as Grady says,  police officer, firefighter, and ballerinas engaging differently in the same activity of dancing with scarves (see the video below). Our curriculum for the months of September and October have been focused on Self-Identity and Celebrating our Uniqueness. We may move differently, paint differently, separate from our guardian or follow instructions differently, but that is what makes us beautiful. As the days and weeks move on, we will grow both individually and together as a group and we already know each others names now, so that will help too!