This week we accomplished so much! We have been practicing turn taking, following directions, saying please, thank you, and "shhhh!", facial recognition and names, working with specialists (soccer, music, Spanish, & cooking), literacy (including Dragons Love Tacos, Going on a Bear Hunt, Ten Apples Up on Top and group games, science (properties of glue in our art project), movement ( scarves dance, soccer, yoga, gross and fine motor coordination). 

We are also working on learning cues, mirroring, and helping each other. Today, Oliver asked Hillary how to make a snake with the clay. George was able to make his own snake, so Hillary told Oliver to ask George for help. After a couple tries, George showed Oliver what to do! "It's a small snake!" said George. "Oh no!!! It split it's broken!" said Oliver. Later, when Oliver was rolling around on the floor some friends joined him in the fun. Hillary saw this free play and turned the focus into an opportunity to do yoga together. We did downward dog, happy baby, butterfly, strong plank, tree, and big sun. It was so fun and everyone liked to call out what Hillary should do with them next.