Today, we celebrated ourselves and our accomplishments in the 2B class. Our school wide intent this year is focused on "child identity," and in the 2B classroom, we have brought our beginning of the school year curriculum to self identity. We have most specifically accomplished learning our names, our friends' names and faces, our bodies, our likes and dislikes, and ways to communicate our needs and wants.

It was such a pleasure to have the whole 2B classroom with us today and at least one parent or guardian present for each child. Our faces lit up with excitement to see the pancake feast at the table and we loved making handprints with our friends, teachers, and family. Last, but not least, we were able to show you one of our learning accomplishments - our name and face recognition, counting skills, listening skills, critical thinking & emotion recognition, and creative self-expression - all of which take place in morning meeting, as well as throughout the day. What a beautiful celebration indeed, when we all got up to dance during the name game, and supported our 2B friends when it was their turn. 

As mentioned in yesterday's blog, below are snippets of video from our "skeleton dance" and other dance / focused listening songs, which have been teaching aides in our curriculum presentation of the human body as part of our self identity segment of child identity. In the coming months and school year, we will begin to take a look further out at our friends and families, and then our neighborhoods, city, and culture.