This week, the 2B classroom has been extra excited about Halloween! Maybe, all of the fall colors in our art has helped, but my oh my we are ready. Everyone's favorite book this week is called Even Monsters Need Haircuts. "What's that?" asks Alisha. "What is he doing?" asks Jude. "A mummy!" shouts Lauren, while Oliver says, "Hey, there's a skeleton like in our class!" We have fun naming the different types of monsters in the story and we laugh when a monster plays a joke and pretends to be a human. 

In Spanish this week and last week, our teacher has a presented a Halloween song about monsters too. We learned the names of the monsters in English and in Spanish and we get to do fun dance with it! "Oooooo!" Alfie makes the sound of the ghost. 

As part of our curriculum, we have presented Mr. Skeleton in the classroom. Everyone in 2B has practiced being gentle giving high fives to the skeleton and dancing the skeleton dance to learn about parts of the body (a video of this will hopefully be posted tomorrow if we find the cord for the other camera)! Bones like the hip bone and back bone and neck bone remind us of our personal identity within the space and we point down, behind, and around to the different bones in the body. We really love dancing with Mr. Skeleton and maybe when Halloween is over he will stay with us!