Although, it was another short week, it was certainly exciting. We had our apple and pumpkin picking outings, we cooked delicious food, we learned so much about our bodies, we have been creating art, and we have played together.

For literacy this week we read: Rosie's Walk, Pete the Cat's 5 Little Pumpkins, 10 Apples Up on Top, Spiffiest Giant in Town, and Good Boy Fergus. A beautiful and unexpected thing happened with Spiffiest Giant in Town because it wasn't in the curriculum. Sloane chose it while coming back from the potty and the class loved it so much they wanted me to read it over and over. Cole and Alisha especially liked the story where the giant buys new clothes for himself but then ends up sharing them with the animals in need, leaving him with nothing left but his old clothes, a big heart, and new friends. 

This week we made applesauce with Diane and guacamole in the class with Debbie and Hillary. Alfie was so excited to wear the chef hat. Jude loved helping the class mash the avocado and Devin loved eating the guacamole with chips, while Grady preferred just the chips. 

In Spanish, we sang songs about fast and slow with our hands and feet and this week during morning meetings, we brought out Mr. Skeleton to help us learn about the body and we sang head shoulders knees and toes. George and Oliver loved giving high 5's to our skeleton. Also, everyone in morning meeting enjoys seeing and counting who's here, singing the attendance song, and most importantly getting up to dance during our turn! 

In art this week we worked on our self potraits, pumpkin portraits, created a fall collage and made clay pumpkin sculptures. Lauren put so much focus into her self portrait, while Romeo put so much focus into his clay pumpkin. Devi enjoyed coloring her reflection on the mirror. How amazing it is to see everyone involved in different art projects.